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Monday, October 20, 2014

Construction Site Photographer --$300 a month

The following position for minimal hours and up to $300 a month requires your own transportation to and from 3 different construction sites. Please read the requirements below. If you are interested please send your resume directly to the email address listed in the last item on the page (#9). 

Help needed to take pictures of construction job sites and then email them to be input into a report format. 
Requirements are as follows: 
1. Must have some background information into the process of construction and the terminology used for such. Each month the construction superintendent and then bank will send us a draw, requesting money for progress on the job site that has been completed. Must have the ability to look at the draw and note what they are requesting money for and ensure pictures are taken for each line item. Must be courteous and professional at all times. 
2. Once a draw is received, we must have the pictures taken and returned to us within 3 days, so we may then input the pictures and send out a report. Pictures must be in lowest resolution on your camera and always kept at a horizontal view. They then must be placed into and emailed to us as a jpeg file. A brief description of each picture is helpful, so as we know exactly where and what on the jobsite you are looking at. 
3. Usually the superintendent will be called by you to either set up an appointment to visit the site or to at least let them know you will be on site inspecting the work completed. More information on each individual job will follow. 
4. Dress required are long pants, closed toed shoes, T-shirt is fine (please just be professional and courteous) and usually a hard hat (this may be obtained from the superintendent at the job site trailer upon arrival usually if required) 
5. Must have access to travel to job sites, a camera, a computer and the knowledge to use them. 
6. Each job site will pay $100.00 per site and once on the site should usually not take more than 30 minutes of your time. Upon completion of the report we send in an invoice to the bank for payment to us. As the bank pays us, we pay you. (Usually the banks make payments once a month and sometimes this may take up to 30 days. We have never allowed any agent not to be compensated for their time and work and are honest at all times. We will ensure you will always be paid for your hard work for us.) 
7. Currently we have 3 construction job sites available for inspections. Ideally we are looking for an individual who is willing and able to conduct each of these inspections, but will entertain the thought of hiring someone for just one or more of the sites if needed. 
8. Current job sites are: 1st-on Crenshaw Blvd in LA (construction in progress) , 2nd-on Colorado Ave, Santa Monica (to start soon), 3rd- on Recreation Rd, Carson, CA (to start soon) 
9. Please send resume to bec@prosquared.net if interested. Thank you for your time. 

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